Professional Motorsports Engines

Professional Motorsports Engines

Since the mid 1970's, TODA has been supplying racing engines to motorsports teams through out Japan, and the world.  While these engines are not compatible with street cars, and are unfortunately not available for sale to the public, they showcase the technical capabilities of TODA Racing. The same high level of detail that goes into developing these racing engines goes into all TODA parts.  

Perhaps the one engine which represents the summit of TODA's technical ability is the in-house designed, and manufactured TR-F301 engine.  This is an original TODA engine design, and is not a modified version of any production engine.  In today's world where even some major automarkers purchase engines from other automakers, it's a major accomplishment for a motorsports company like TODA Racing to design and manufacture it's own engine. 

Emissions standards and the quest for ever improving fuel economy have caused a shift in engine designs towards small bore, long stroke engines, which develop more torque at lower rpms, and have improved fuel consumption.   While this type of small bore/long stroke engine design is sufficient for a standard road car, it does not lend it self well to sporting use, or tuning, and additionally, these engines do not like to rev very high.  TODA saw this as a potential issue for future motorsports engine development.  Most racing engines are in some way based on production engines, and are further developed for motorsports use.   As the majority of new engines are now small bore/long stroke, there was a concern about the availability of base engines in the future for motorsports.  To address this upcoming issue, TODA set out to design an engine designed specifically for motorsports use.   The beauty of this engine is where TODA can take it in the future.  Currently, the engine is used in the All-Japan Formula 3 racing series, but in the future this engine design can be easily further developed for a variety of different applications (open wheel race car, kit car, road car, high compression NA, low compression for turbo, etc).

Thanks to TODA's new original design race engine, racing series organizers can be confident of racing engine supplies well into the future. 

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