TODA's Cylinder Head Tuning Service is now available to our customers in the United States (previously, this service was only available to racing customers in Japan).   For over four decades, TODA has been race tuning production cylinder heads from a variety of manufacturers (Honda, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Ferrari, etc) for use in different categories of motorsports.  This extensive engine tuning experience, combined with constant feedback from racing, and dyno testing, has allowed TODA Racing to develop a high level of expertise in cylinder head tuning and design.  
The process starts with the customers cylinder head being shipped to the TODA factory in Japan. The cylinder head is then meticulously modified by a highly experienced TODA race engineer in Japan, who skillfully transforms the production cylinder head into a precision flowing race cylinder head. For certain engine models, we can supply a complete tuned cylinder head (a customer supplied cylinder head core is not required).


  • Cylinder Head Port Tuning
  • Combustion Chamber Equalization and Polishing
  • Valve Guide Reaming
  • Valve Guide Replacement
  • Valve Seat Cutting and Length Equalization
  • Valve Lapping (Matching Valve Seat to Valve)
  • Cylinder Head Lower Deck Milling
  • TODA Up Rated Valve Springs (Optional)
  • TODA Bronze Valve Guides (Optional)
  • Valve Polishing (Optional)

For a personalized cylinder head tuning quotation, please send us an e-mail, and include your engine type (code), camshaft information, intake manifold information, as well as the intended use/purpose for the engine (road racing, endurance racing, rally, drag racing, etc):